470 GV North N13-L12 JapaneseDesign

470 GV North N13-L12 JapaneseDesign
This sail was customized for 2008 Beijin Olympic condition. It performs very well not only in light-medium in choppy water which is typical Beijin Game condition

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Mainsail (N13-L12) - Japanese Design

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The N13-L12 is as an all round sail designed to cover a wide wind range.It was used by 40% of the top 10 Mens' teams at London 2012. This full radial main goes well with the M7+ or Proctor mast and is manufactured from Dacron HTP-165 square.
Mainsail standard features:
Class insignia
Sail numbers
Epoxy battens
Leech tell tales
Long roll bag
ISAF in house measurement
Class royalty label

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