Guide d'accastillage RS 600

Guide d'accastillage RS 600

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RS600 Fitting Guide


The RS600, designed by Clive Everest and Nick Peters, has an epoxy hull with aluminium racks which are available in 2 sizes, depending on the helm’s weight. The carbon mast, which is stayed and rotating, also includes a removable bottom section to allow for the mast to be shortened when the sail is reefed. The original sail plan was a single Mylar fully battened mainsail, with a zip in reef, however, in 2019 the class unveiled a new radial cut square-top mainsail with no reefing points along with the news that new boats would officially be built again for the first time since RS dropped the design. 


Below is a basic fitout guide for the 600 using non-continuous lines. Images at the bottom of the page. 



Attach the forestay to the mast using a large round body bow shackle. The shrouds will also attach to this shackle. 

1 x A2030 – 30mm Dynamic single block 

2 x A-621105 – 5mm D-Shackle 

1 x C253A – Anodised Trapeze and Vang Clamcleat

1 x A-622108 – 8mm Bow Shackle 



The shrouds attach to the same shackle as forestay on the mast. At deck level, the stay adjuster is attached to the U bolts that hold the racks down. The shrouds then attached to the stay adjuster. 

2 x A4472 – Stay adjuster 



It’s important to get the Vang rope length correct as maximum travel is required. 

2 x A2030TiiHL – 30mm Dynamic Tii-On block with high load sheave. 

2 x A2030Tii – 30mm Dynamic Tii-On block. 

2 x A2020SC – 20mm Dynamic swivel block. 

2 x A.677-497 – Small Allenite cam cleat with mega-pro lead. 



Having as frictionless Cunningham system as possible will help not only to get maximum tension when pulling on but also to help it run free when easing. 

1 x A2022 – 20mm Dynamic double block. 

1 x A2030 – 30mm Dynamic double block. 

2 x A2020SC – 20mm Dynamic swivel block. 

2 x A.677-497 – Small Allenite cam cleat with mega-pro lead. 



The mainsheet system is vitally important on a 600. The bigger the blocks the easier it will be for the sailor to sheet on, however, you also want to be able to get the boom as close to the centre line as possible and bigger blocks will make this more difficult. Some sailors prefer to use two ratchet blocks in the system to make it easier to hold onto the mainsheet in stronger winds. 

3 x A2040Tii or A2040 – 40mm Dynamic Tii-On or standard. 

1 x A5266ASS – Self-aligning mainsheet Jammer with 60mm Pro Ratchet. 

1 x A.597  – Roller fairlead for mainsheet jammer



A.423 – Bung and Socket. 

A1737 – Hatch Cover.

A..71 – Mast Head Aero Vane

A..71M – Lower mast-mounted Aero Vane

Thimbles for control line take up.