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Girouette Allen Aerovane solo Allen

Girouette Allen Aerovane solo Allen

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Girouette Aeronave Allen.

Convient pour : 

  • RS 600
  • Finn




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Informations complémentaires

Small Allen Aerovane with mast mount.

Perfect for use on dinghies and flag poles.

The mast mount collar is made from slightly flexible plastic. This allows the collar to be mounted to a wide range of spar diameters.

To attach to the mast use the elastic loop and stopper ball provided. Simply loop the elastic over the collar hook and slide the ball stopper tight against the hook.

This Aerovane features a built-in counterweight which ensures accurate indication of apparent wind angle. The counterweight also stops the Aerovane from “flapping” side to side in strong winds, which is common amongst other styles.

The Aerovane has been shaped to be large enough to read whilst remaining small enough to not create unnecessary drag.

When assembling, firmly push the Aerovane onto the rod until you hear a click. The Aerovane can be removed by pulling with force from the rod.



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