Guide d'accastillage Cape 31

Cape 31 Fittings Guide

Cape 31 sailing downwind with big bow wave

In the last few years, the fleet has exploded around the world and as such sailors have been looking at ways to gain an advantage over their competitors. So, we have worked with many of the class-leading boat riggers to upgrade the hardware systems from that which comes as standard on the boats.

Here you will find an extensive guide to the fittings upgrade pack onboard the UK circuit-winning boat Shotgunn. As is typical with a boat of this type, things are always changing. And so this list will continue to evolve as we develop new products or streamline those already in use.



Jib Halyard Tensioner




Jib Sheet

Downwind Jib Sheet

Spinnaker Sheets

Other Fittings

6 x A9060 – 60mm High Roller Block. Four are attached to the hull via a continuous loop shackle. The other two are attached to the standing rigging via a Tii-shackle.

2 x A..87-35 – 35mm High Load Thimble. Used on the end of the control line to make attachment to the standing rigging easier via a Tii-shackle.

4 x New Tii-Bones (coming soon). Alternatively, you can use the traditional dog bone – A8610.

  • a9060 in use on runners
a9060 in use on runners

3 x 60mm Double Tii-on (coming soon). Attach one to the mainsheet car via a long Dyneema strop. This reduces the amount of heavy mainsheet required in the system.

1 x A2060Tii – 60mm Single Tii-on. Attached via Tii-shackle to the rear of the boom.

1 x A5266ASS – Self-aligning mainsheet jammer. Fixed in the centre of the cockpit and uses existing holes so no need to drill anything.

3 x A2030HL – High Load 30mm Block. Attached to lacing eyes in the middle of the boat. Add the A4033 spring to stop the blocks from flopping around. The high load sheave reduces friction in the system and allows the mainsheet fine tune to run really smoothly.

1 x A20402 – 40mm Double Dynamic Block. Attached to one end of the mainsheet primary to create the purchase for the fine-tune system.

2 x A..77-497 – Small Aluminium Ball Bearing Cam Cleat with Mega Pro-Lead. Fixed to the deck using the existing holes.

2 x A2030Tii – 30mm Tii-on Dynamic Single. Attached to the side of the cockpit.

4 x A20401C – 40mm Cheek Block. Attached to the deck via the same fixing holes. Two at the rear near the track and two in the centre of the cockpit.

2 x A..77-497 – Small Aluminium Ball Bearing Cam Cleat with Mega Pro-Lead. Fixed to the deck using the existing holes.

4 x A2030Tii – 30mm Tii-on Dynamic Single. These replace the double blocks attached to the traveller car. It allows the car to get right to the end of the track, meaning you can sheet higher. The blocks also articulate with the line more nicely which reduces friction.

2 x A2030Tii – 30mm Tii-on Dynamic Single. Attached to the side of the cockpit.

  • Cape 31 mainsheet cockpit
Cape 31 mainsheet cockpit

1 x A20401BF-77 – 40mm Dynamic Block with Becket, Fiddle and Cam Cleat. Attached to the base of the mast by a small Dyneema strop.

1 x A20401F – 40mm Dynamic Block with Fiddle. Attached to Dyneema primary line which has a hook or snap shackle.

  • 40mm block on cape 31 jib tension
40mm block on cape 31 jib tension

1 x A2143-76 – 40mm Flip Flop Block with Cam Cleat. Attached to the mast using existing fixing holes.

1 x A2030Tii – 30mm Tii-on Dynamic Single. Spliced to the primary line which goes through the mainsail and hooks onto the boom.

1 x A2040XHL – 40mm Extreme High Load Block. Attached to the boom via a Tii-shackle.

1 x A2030XHL – 30mm Extreme High Load Block. The second block in the system. To reduce weight and friction further, upgrade this block to the A9030 – 30mm TiiTAN.

1 x A20401F – 40mm Dynamic Block with Fiddle. The third block in the system.

1 x A20401BF – 40mm Dynamic Block with Fiddle and Becket. The last block in the system. Attached to the mast base.

1 x A4866XB – Sheaved Swivel Cleat. To remove even more friction when pulling the vang from the side of the boat, use the A4866XB. The A4566Straight will also do a good job but with slightly more friction.

  • Cape 31 Vang system
Cape 31 Vang system

1 x A..77-497 – Small Aluminium Ball Bearing Cam Cleat with Mega Pro-Lead. Using same fixing hole fixed to the underside of the boom.

1 x A2030LZ – 30mm Dynamic Block on Spring.

  • cape 31 outhaul tight
cape 31 outhaul tight

2 x A..77-497 – Small Aluminium Ball Bearing Cam Cleat with Mega Pro-Lead. Fitted in the little cave next to the main hatch for the up/down line.

2 x A5052-8 – Keelboat Fairlead. Fixed to the deck for leading the jib sheet through.

4 x A..87-35 – 35mm High Load Thimble. Two spliced onto the end of the up/down line. Two tied directly to the pin stop car.

  • Cape 31 Jib Barberhauler cam cleat
Cape 31 Jib Barberhauler cam cleat

2 x A2360 – 60mm AutoRatchet. Attached to the top of the traveller track cheek block.

1 x A..87-35 – 35mm High Load Thimble. Tied to rear middle stanchion to lead sheets through.

2 x A9060 – 60mm High Roller Block. Attached via a soft loop to the rear pad eye on each corner for the spinnaker sheet to run through.

2 x A.676 – Medium Allenite Cam Cleat. Fixed to the inside of the cockpit and used to hold the spinnaker sheets tight when not being used upwind.

Aluminium Threaded Through Deck Bush – There are a handful of these spread across the boat for leading lines through the deck into reelers or for control lines. We have a wide range in Aluminium and Titanium so check out the range to find the correct size for the application.

High Load Thimbles – Dotted around the boat in various applications you’ll find thimbles of varying sizes.

Ball Stoppers – Ideal for attaching to the end of any loose end control lines to stop them pulling through cleats or blocks.