Comment utiliser les DOG BONES ou OS de CHIEN

How To Use Sailing Dog Bones

allen dog bones

We know what you’re thinking “how can a dog bone be used on a sailboat? We’re not playing fetch!”.

Well, the type of dog bone we’re talking about here is not something you would want to feed to your favourite four legged friend.

No, the type of dog bone we are talking about is a small, lightweight, ‘dog bone’ shaped piece of aluminium. And they are becoming increasingly more popular on modern sailboats.

So, in this article we will explain a few useful ways to use a dog bone that will soon have you fetching one from your tool bag! 

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Examples of use


Dog Bone Technical Information

How to make a soft shackle


Materials have developed over the years and as a result rope is now replacing many traditional stainless-steel fittings such as shackles, hooks and wire. Because of this it has opened up a variety of new ways to streamline, lighten and adapt the way we attach things to the hull, sail or control lines of a boat. Dog bones are a direct development of this.


Dog bones can be used in a vast array of applications due to the shape and features of the product, however, it’s main purpose is to connect rope to something.

Examples of use:

Main halyard

Jib sheet

Spinnaker sheet

Tack lines

Tii-on blocks

High load thimbles

Cunningham system

Clew tie