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PVC top awning OPEN BIC

PVC top awning OPEN BIC

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Awning / cover / top tarpaulin, made of PVC fabric, designed for an OPEN BIC series dinghy.
- completely covers the top of your boat.
- 20cm side bands with HR nylon bungee cord.
- usable in road or parking position (mast).
- retaining straps with click-clac.
- webbing tab, allowing the end of the mainsail halyard to be attached, to avoid the water pocket.
- flaps for shrouds and bow.
Available as an option and recommended for parking use, slats to be placed inside the awning to bulge the cover upwards. To be ordered separately.

Maintenance: as your awning suffers from bad weather, it must be maintained.
Scrub with a soft brush, with a detergent for delicate products, then rinse with clear water.

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