Small in size, the FlatWinder Harken electric pulley is dedicated to adjusting the mainsail traveler. This powerful and easy-to-use model is a valuable tool in terms of mainsail control since it allows you to unload the mainsail quickly and delay reefing when the wind picks up. Like a compact captive winch, the FlatWinder electric block is completely independent. Operating in both directions, it allows the trolley to move along the entire rail while freeing the sheet from the cockpit floor. To save space, Harken recommends the installation of two 2-function DSS digital switches, one on the port side, the other on the starboard side, for control of the block from both sides of the sailboat. The large diameter drive sheave is mounted on a sloped base forming an angle with the top of the sheave in order to hold the line and prevent it from forcing against the walls of the block. The friction resulting from the progressive retention of the sheet is studied to limit the wear of the rope and the components to a minimum. The electric block also avoids the need for winches, thus freeing up space on the deck and facilitating navigation.

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