Guide d'accastillage Laser BAHIA

 Guide d'accastillage Laser BAHIA Allen Brothers

Laser Bahia Fitting Guide

Laser Bahia sailing with a young family

The Bahia is a boat designed to cater for the whole family and is ideal for days on the water for a picnic through to top-level racing, the Bahia offers it all. 

Below you will find a rigging guide for most of the fittings produced by Allen that are suitable replacements as well as originally supplied equipment for the Laser Bahia. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Allen sales team. 


Bow Fittings.

A4905 – High load drum furler. 

A4035 – P clip. 

A2026 – 20mm dynamic single cheek block. 

A2020 – 20mm dynamic single block.


Bahia Mast Step Area.

A2020LZ – 20mm stand up single dynamic block. 

A2030 – 30mm dynamic single block. 

A.677 – Small Allentite cam cleat.

A.337 – O ring seal hatch cover. 

A4035 – P clip. 


Bahia Deck Fittings.

A.677 – Small Allentite cam cleat.

A.488 – Small cam cleat over fairlead.

A2020LZ – 20mm stand up single dynamic block.

A2140 – 40mm ratchet block. 

A.282 – Open base fairlead. 

A.337 – O ring seal hatch cover. 

A5166COMP-ASS – Compact mainsheet swivel cleat and 60mm Pro-Ratchet block. 

A2040 – 40mm dynamic single block. 


Bahia Transom and Rudder Fittings. 

A4698 – Aluminium tiller extension 1067mm long. 

A.423 – Drain socket and captive bung. 

A4022 – Rudder Gudgeon. 

A5198 – Tiller extension universal joint. 


Bahia Mast and Boom Fittings.

A3210 – Gnav system. 

A2020 – 20mm dynamic single block. 

A2022 – 20mm dynamic double block. 

A2021HK – 20mm dynamic single block with hook. 

A4568 – 16mm single wire block. 

A4261 – Trapeze ring. 

A..60 – Trapeze handle. 

A4202 – Swivel connector. 

A4272 – Vernier adjuster. 

A.359 – Nylon spring hook. 


Full Bahia Fittings List With Laser Part Numbers. 

Part Number Description Laser Part Number
A2020 20mm block 91349
A2026 20mm block cheek 91312
A2020LZ 20mm stand up block 91349/91490
A.337 Hatch 91386
A2020-4035 20mm block with P clip 91099
A.677 small composite cam cleat 91484
A.488 Fairlead  
A2030 30mm block 91456
A.282 Open base fairlead 91498
A5166COMP-ASS Mainsheet Jammer 90625
A4022 Vago rudder gudgeon 85058
A5198 Square tiller Flexi joint 85200
A423 Removeable captive screw bung 91571
A4498 915mm tiller extension 85186
A3210 Verticle mast ram kit Bahia Gnav complete
A2022 20mm double block 91348
A2036M 30mm cheek block  
A.291 Rowlock socket  
A4261 Wide trapeze ring 90734
A..60 Trapeze handle 90601
A4272 64mm vernier  
SPL1818 Pico transom footplate 91573
A.359 Nylon spring hook  
01196-0600228 Mousqueton Liros