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Years of constant development, with the world's top sailors, has led us to the release our new generation X2 AutoRatchets. The new “X2” pawl system incorporates two pawls to ensures that the load is evenly shared, this means that the block will withstand higher working loads, increasing both the reliability and longevity. It also features the patented swivel head lock system which can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup options. Allen Switchable Ratchet Blocks can easily be switched on or off, even under load for total flexibility. The patented swivel head lock system can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup options. The sheave design gives high grip under load while allowing easy release when required.


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Ratchet blocks feature an internal ratcheting mechanism which only allows the sheave to turn in one direction. This gives the user more control to make incremental adjustments to hand-held lines such as jib or mainsheets.

Pro-Ratchet - Featuring a switchable ratchet mechanism to give a precise feel. Simply turn the ratchet on or off with the easy-to-use switch located on the side of the block.

AutoRatchet - Featuring an automatically engaging ratchet mechanism which engages and disengages when the block reaches a specific load. Ideal for a spinnaker sheet system when you want the line to run freely through a gybe.

Lockable Swivel - All of our ratchet blocks feature an additional switch at the top of the block which can be used to lock the swivel in 90-degree orientations or set to 360-degree free rotation.

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