Guide d'accastillage Finn


Guide d'accastillage FINN

Finn Fittings Guide

Over the years we have worked closely with some of the Worlds leading Finn boat builders to produce custom fittings to suit their needs. We even produce Finn tillers and booms. 

Below is a list of some of the items you can expect to find on most Finn dinghies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the best replacement or fitout option for your boat. 


Our latest product that was designed with feedback from Finn sailors is the A.597 roller fairlead. Designed to reduce friction in the mainsheet system check it out in the following video. 


Description Location SKU
Plastic hook   A..59
Lower mast mounted aerovane Rigging A..71m
Ball bearing cam cleat – medium Side Deck A..76
Ball bearing cam cleat – small Side Deck  A..77
32mm nylon sail ring    A.156
47mm nylon sail ring    A.356
Over fairlead for A..77 Side Deck A.488
Mega pro-lead medium  Side Deck A.496
Mega pro-lead small Side Deck A.497
Mainsheet roller fairlead  Central Cockpit  A.597
Integral seal rigid hatch cover Boyancy Tanks A1837
20mm stand up single  Deck A2020LZ
30mm dynamic block   A2030
40mm dynamic blocks Boom A2040
30mm dynamic flip flop block   A2133
Stainless steel hook   A4159
Through deck bushes with stainless insert Deck  A4239
Snatch block    A4475
Through deck bushes with stainless insert Deck A4539
Track and Slider Toe Straps A4573
Lacing eye – small   A5014
Lacing eye – medium   A5015
Mainsheet swivel arm with cleat and ratchet block Central Cockpit  A5166ASSEMBLED
Aluminium through deck bush Deck A8439-7
1mm mast chock Mast Gate AB.238
5mm mast chock Mast Gate AB.239
10mm mast chock Mast Gate AB.240
Mast gate curved end chock Mast Gate AB.241
Finn mast foot collar Mast Foot AB.296
Adjustable centreboard  bolt assembly Centreboard Slot AB.978
Centreboard bolts stoppers  Centreboard Slot AB.981
Centreboard retaining stop pad Centreboard Slot AB.982
Mast heel barrel adjuster knob Mast Foot AB.987
Centreboard washer Centreboard Slot AB.989
Mast collar bracket Mast Gate AB.995
Mainsheet ratchet block attachment backing plate for Peticrows Finn Central Cockpit  AB1018
Toestrap track backing plates for Petticrows Finn Central Cockpit  AB1019
Backing plates for mast step fitting Mast Foot ASP2499
4mm Backing plates for bottlescrew plate Mast Step ASP2500
4mm Mast step bottle screw attachment plate  Mast Step ASP2501
Metal plates to retain mast step fitting  Mast Foot  ASP2503
1.5mm Bent bracket to hang fittings from mast step Mast Step ASP2504
Finn boom Boom FINN-BOOM
Complete Finn tiller Transom FINN-TILLER
Centreboard seal gaskets Centreboard Slot LPEX1166