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Velocitek Pro Start mast clamp

Velocitek Pro Start mast clamp

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Mast bracket for Velocitek Prostart.
Suitable for the majority of dinghies, sportsboats and keelboats, this support will allow you to securely attach your Velocitek PROSTART GPS unit.
Features :
High strength anodized aluminum construction
Designed to allow the passage of rope between the mast and the device
Comes with stainless steel screws

This bracket is compatible with almost all bullet cross sectioned masts that have a bolt rope track. The bracket comes packaged with a hex key, a strip-resistant stainless steel slug and all the screws, nuts and washers required to attach a cradle to the bracket and the bracket to your mast. The design of the bracket provides space for lines to pass behind the cradle.

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