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Voiles et Voiliers

Logbook, Sails and Sailboats

Logbook, Sails and Sailboats

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In addition to its official aspect, the logbook is the memory of our navigations.
His outfit must be precise and rigorous in order to make it possible to retrace the route followed and to justify the skipper's choices in the event of a problem. It must be recognized that with the new electronic navigation instruments, many yachtsmen neglect to fill in, or even keep, a logbook.
Recording hour by hour the observations, the navigation parameters and the particular events of the life on board is however the best way to conduct a rigorous navigation and to constitute the memory book of its cruise. It is for this dual purpose that Voiles et Voiliers has designed this logbook by calling on the talent of Marc PG Berthier, official painter of the
Marine, who created 30 original drawings to illustrate each page.
Whether you are a skipper or a simple crew member, keeping your navigations up to date will be a real pleasure. Easy to fill in with accurate colonization of navigation data, dedicated spaces for tides, weather forecasts, boat maintenance and crew composition. Everything is there !

It's up to you to invent the beautiful cruises that go with it!
"Pleasure vessels sailing offshore (more than 6 miles from a shelter) are required to have a logbook worded as such, and containing at least the following elements: composition of the crew, departure time, Meteorological forecasts and time observed, position, route followed and speed at regular intervals, fuel consumption and reserve, as well as any incident, breakdown or damage on board or observed in the navigation area.
Article 240-3.09 of Division 240 regulating fittings and safety equipment for pleasure, sailing and motor boats under 24 meters.

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