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Yamaha 20 HP engine

Yamaha 20 HP engine

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Small engine convenience, big engine performance

This highly versatile twin-cylinder four-stroke engine combines power and responsiveness and offers complete peace of mind. Its low consumption also means that it is more respectful of the environment, with polluting emissions reduced to a minimum.

Also enjoy the many additional benefits that only a Yamaha outboard can provide. These include benefits such as computer-controlled ignition, a special decompressor starting system, a water-cooled fuel pump, and a large muffler; benefits normally found only on high-end engines. You have a winning formula, whether it's for your hobbies or for professional or commercial use.

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  • Unique power to weight ratio
  • New solid and robust one-piece hood
  • New batteryless EFI system for easy starting
  • Manual, electric or manual/electric starter options
  • Optional Variable Trolling Speed ​​Control (VTS) available
  • Very low idle regulation with VTS option
  • Compatible with networked Yamaha digital displays
  • Power tilt option same as higher horsepower engines
  • Exclusive Y-COP remote immobilizer system (optional)
  • Multifunction tiller handle (optional)
  • Single lever steering stiffness adjustment (tiller handle models)
  • High power alternator for infallible starts

    Additional Features
    Tiller handle control (MH, EH), Remote control (E, EP)
    Tiller handle (MH, EH), Remote control (E, EP)
    Tilt and Trim (Trim Angles) Power Tilt (EP), Manual (MH, EH, E)
    Power Lift (EP), Manual (MH, EH, E)

    S: Short shaft

    L: Long shaft

    Recommended public price as of December 1, 2022 excluding transport and assembly costs (motor price only).


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    Further information

    • Other features
    Control: Remote control (E, EP), Tiller (MH + WH)
    Trim and Trim (Trim Angles): Power Trim (EP), Manual Trim (MH, E + WH)
    Alternator: 12V -16A
    Y-COP immobilizer system: YCOP optional
    Propeller: Optional (E, EP), Standard (MH, WH)
    Electronic trolling speed control: With digital displays or multifunction tiller
    Digital Network Gauge (6Y8/6YC): Optional
    Steering: Tiller, Remote control
    Note: The power is measured according to the ICOMIA 28 standard at the level of the propeller shaft


    • Engine
    Engine type: Four stroke
    Displacement: 432cc
    Architecture: 2/in-line, SOHC
    Bore x stroke: 65.0 x 65.1 mm
    Propeller shaft power at half throttle: 14.7 kW at 5,500 rpm
    Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,000 - 6,000 rpm
    Lubrication: Wet Sump
    Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
    Ignition / Advance: Electronic (CDI)
    Startup: Electric / Manual, Manual (MH), Electric (E, EP)
    Gear ratio: 2.08 (27:13)
    • Dimensions
    Recommended board height: S: 429mm L:556mm
    Fuel tank capacity: separate, 25 liters
    Oil capacity: 1.1 liters
    Weight without propeller: 56kg - 63kg


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