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Secumar Arkona ARKONA 220

Secumar Arkona ARKONA 220

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The Arkona 220 is the model for beginners (20-50 kg). DIN EN ISO 12402-3. It has all the necessary attributes for a safe sea trip. For buoyancy, it meets the requirements of class 150N.
Children being the dearest thing to us, we only want the best for them. This is why SECUMAR has used exactly the same sophisticated technologies for the little ones' lifejackets as for the “big ones”.
DIN EN ISO 12402-3
French regulations (Division 240): minimum buoyancy required for the navigation zone of more than 6 miles from a shelter.

220N inflatable life jacket with integrated harness. DIN EN ISO 12402-3. Ideal for beginners, sporty design. Maximum buoyancy in the 150 N category.

CE: PSA konform mit Richtlinie 89/686/EWG, baumuster- und typgeprüft.

Further information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION!<br> Life jackets reduce the risk of drowning but do not guarantee survival. <br>Impermeable clothing also does not provide optimum performance. <br>Refer to brochure. Try the lifejacket on before use to check its performance. Until the inflation is completed, the product cannot be called a life jacket. Vest for swimmers. Practice before using this device. Do not use a cushion. The whistle located inside the cover is easily accessible once the lifejacket is deployed. A deflated lifejacket offers no safety to its wearer. In the event of a breakdown of the gas device, the wearer must inflate the lifejacket by mouth via the tube provided for this purpose. The optional light is arranged on the left side of the lifejacket. This is activated automatically in the event of immersion. The optional hood located in the protective collar cover deploys during inflation. Put the hood on the head and tie it by tightening the elastic cord around the inflatable chambers. Slip on like a vest, over any other clothing. <br>Fasten the lifejacket with the front buckle and the webbing buckle. Tighten the vest/strap as much as possible without it becoming uncomfortable. The lifejacket has three buttons allowing it to be attached to certain windbreakers. The lifejacket must be worn<br> above any safety harness. The inflation time may be longer when the temperature is below 5°C. When worn in combination with a Baltic hood, the lifejacket is suitable for all sea and weather conditions, except in polar cold conditions. NB the colder the water, the lower the chances of survival. The vest of<br> rescue should be checked and serviced annually by a Baltic Service Center. Store the lifejacket in a dry, well-ventilated place. Under normal conditions of use, the life of this product is estimated at 10 years.



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