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YachtCare reinforced polyester V11 700gr.

YachtCare reinforced polyester V11 700gr.

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Fiber reinforced polyester putty - for repair and filling

V11 + BPO 700G

YC REINFORCED POLYESTER PASTE is suitable for fillings requiring mechanical strength – such as bonding between wood and laminate and fixing wooden frames. On the other hand, it has very good adhesion properties on laminate and wood. This fiberglass-filled paste can be applied in layers up to 5 mm thick.
Application domain
Bonding of wooden frames and laminate elements to polyester.
Filling wood splinters.
Repair of small damage to the polyester of weakly stressed elements.

Content 700 gr + hardener.

Further information

Filling and strengthening metal, wood, stone and polyester. For quick bonding of metal, polyester and wood. Can be finished with FEW finishing putty and with an appropriate paint system.


The substrate must be dry and free from dust and grease.
Mix the paste with 2-3% BPO hardener and apply with a spatula.
Pot life: 5 mins. at 20°C.
Processing temperature: 5-20°C.
Can be sanded off after 20 minutes.
Remains slightly sticky on the surface for improved adhesion of the finishing putty.
After curing, resistant to temperatures up to 80°C.


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