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470 Jib S24-B4 Japanese Design

470 Jib S24-B4 Japanese Design

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The brand new 2014 jib for your 470. Positive evolution of the S5-B4.


Jib (S24-B4) - New Japanese Design

Price upon request.

The S5-B4 jib has been very popular among the world's top teams for a long time.
So our design team have been very careful in remolding this design to make it perfect by using our latest software.
The S24-B4 jib therefore has the same depth, the same base profile but is perfectly remolded with just a slight modification.
The tack area has been modified where wrinkles sometimes appear to make that area smooth and fair without the wrinkles.
Also the shape at the foot has been changed to make the air flow more effective, this change makes the position of the deck sweep a little bit outside of the original S5-B4 design.
Jib standard features:
Carbon battens
vision window
Flutter patches
Leech tell tales
Trim tell tales
Long roll bag
ISAF in house measurement
Class royalty label

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