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505 Foc North J-14 cross cut

505 Foc North J-14 cross cut

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Jib (J2-RF) New for 2012
This sail is an all round performer designed for the variation in conditions usually found during a European regatta
The J-14 Jib is a powerful yet versatile sail.

Price upon request.

It can be sheeted hard to match the pointing ability of flatter designs yet with shallow sheeting angle flattens and twists nicely in a breeze allowing the boat to be driven fast upwind.
With its cross cut layout the J-14 perfectly compliments both the M-10T and M-10 3DL Mainsails.
It is manufactured from Contenders RSQ 5.55

Jib standard features:
Epoxy battens
Wide view window
Flutter patches
Leech tell tales
Trim tell tales
Long roll bag


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