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Dock fender L304mm H78mm

Dock fender L304mm H78mm

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Practical pontoon fender, supplied in pieces of 3.05 m in length and adaptable to each pontoon.

Good shock absorption.

Please consult us for the transport costs specific to your need.

Polyguard Dock Moldings

description Type length
straight long PG-3 3048 76 48

Further information

Made from the same durable but soft UV resistant formula we use for our boat fenders
Reinforcement ribs for added strength and protection for your boat and dock
Easy mounting
Formulated to stay soft and resist UV breakdown


Polyguard Dock Moldings are designed to make your dock safe and mooring easy. The dock's edge is a trouble area and any chop or surge can be dangerous for you and your watercraft. Protect your dock and smaller to medium size boats, dinghys, kayaks, and jet skis from mooring damage.

Our dock moldings are made from a special blend of PVC we use to make our boat fenders. Durable, UV Resistant and, unlike polyurethane foams, resistant to permeation of algae and marine life, Polyguard Dock Moldings are easy, low cost, protection for your watercraft investment.


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