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Minn Kota

Endura C2 30 max. 360watts

Endura C2 30 max. 360watts

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Rear-mounted freshwater motor. An effective range intended for fishermen and dinghies. For boats of +- 780 kg.
More powerful, more resistant but always perfectly adapted to the needs of fishermen who want to have a silent motor to approach prey.

Shaft in flexible composite material, robust, protected from rust, 3 times stronger than steel and flexible in the face of an obstacle.
Cool Quiet Power system dissipates heat and generates less noise

Specific characteristics
Multi-position mounting bracket in flexible, UV-resistant and non-deformable composite material.
Ergonomic telescopic handle on all models allowing remote control of engine power and boat direction.
Power Prop or Wededless Wedge-2 propeller to power through aquatic plants at any speed.
Technical characteristics :
Thrust 13.60 Kp / 30 lbs / 13.23 daN
12 volt
76cm tree
5 forward gears
3 reverse gears
Without battery charge status indicator
For boats of +- 780 kg.

The Endura series trolling motors are the most cost-effective motors out there. Ranging in thrust levels from 30 lbs. of thrust up to 55lbs there is an Endura motor for most anglers. All Endura motors come with Minn Kota transom mounts which are twice as strong as traditional transom mounts. A quick release lever lock allows the convenience of being able to stow the motor with one hand. The twist tiller telescopes out an additional 6" to make operation easy on any boat. The Endura series also offers multiple speeds 5 forward and 3 reverse. With a name like Endura, you can be sure there´s no quit in these workhorses.
model shaft length voltage speeds battery meter weight replacement prop
Endura C2 30 76cm 12V 5 3 yea 5.8kg MKP2
Endura C2 40 91cm 12V 5 3 yea 7.5kg MKP2
Endura C2 55 91cm 12V 5 3 yea 9.5kg MKP6, MKP7, MKP32

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