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HARKEN Carbo Ratchet 57mm 2136

HARKEN Carbo Ratchet 57mm 2136

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Carbo Ratchet pulley 57 mm manual with becket.
The 57 mm free-spooling winch blocks allow precise adjustment of the clutch thanks to an easy-to-operate engage/disengage button on both sides of the block.


Carbo Ratchet pulley 57 mm manual with becket

Carbo Ratchet pulley winches allow ropes to be hand-held under load and strike the perfect balance between holding power and controlled release.
The resin-Nylon composite cheeks are reinforced with long glass fibers allowing the realization of a compact pulley with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Machined aluminum sheaves are Hardkote anodized for strength and corrosion resistance. The eight-faceted sheave holds the rope firmly.
Ball bearings, sheaves and cheeks are carbon black treated for superior UV resistance.
The 57mm free-running winch blocks allow precise clutch adjustment with an easy-to-operate engage/disengage knob on both sides of the block.

Use for:
Mainsail/jib/spinnaker sheets
Mainsheet fine tuning
Sheet car settings
Genoa sheet guides


Sheave Ø: 57 mm
Length: 125mm
Weight with shackle: 94gr
Ø of the pin: -
Max rope Ø: 10 mm
Max working load: 227 kg
Breaking load: 907 kg
Suitable for:

- 470
- 485
- 490
- 505
- Contender
- Flying Dutchman
- Finn
- Coralle
- Marauder
-Open 5.00
- Open 5.70
- Pirate
- Ponant
- Rascal
- Windy


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