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HARKEN micro pulley 22mm + saddle 443

HARKEN micro pulley 22mm + saddle 443

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Micro low friction pulleys for dinghies are compact and lightweight and allow fast engagement and release under heavy or light load

Micro Block 22 mm on saddle

Ref. room 443

Sheave Ø (mm) 22mm

Ø of sheave (in) 7/8in

Max rope Ø (mm) 6mm

Max rope Ø (in) 1/4in

Maximum working load (kg) 91kg

Maximum workload 200 lbs.


Micro block Harken pulley 22 mm single with saddle.
Working load 91 (kg), breaking load 454 (kg), Maxi rope 6mm.

The Micro low coefficient of friction blocks for dinghies are compact and light and allow a high speed of engagement and release under heavy or light load.
Ideal for sailboards, small dinghies, and lightly loaded trim bumps on boats of all sizes.

Free-spinning Delrin® ball bearings, UV-resistant sheaves and flanges, with Carbon-Black coating for maximum protection.
Stainless steel cheeks for greater resistance.

Use for:

Point counts
Restraint hoists
Listen Bar Settings
Flag halyards
Sheet trolley reminder hoists

Suitable for:
- 420
- 445
- 470
- 485
- 490
- 505
- Cadet
- Contender
- Europe
- Flying Dutchman
- Finn
- Coralle
- Marauder
- Moth
-Open 5.00
- Open 5.70
- Optimist
- Pirate
- Ponant
- Topper
- Rascal
- Windy

HARKEN technical files 22mm micro pulley + 443 saddle can be downloaded here


Further information


Length (in) 1 3/4 in
Sheave Ø (mm) 22 mm
Sheave Ø (in) 7/8 in
Length (mm) 45mm
Weight (g) 16g
Weight (oz) .56oz
Max rope Ø (mm) 6 mm
Max rope Ø (in) 1/4 in
Screw (mm) 4 RH mm
Screw (in) #8 RH in
Hole spacing (mm) 27 mm
Hole spacing (in) 1 1/16 in
Maximum working load (kg) 91 kg
Maximum working load 200 lbs.
Breaking load (kg) 454 kg
Breaking load (lbs) 1000 lbs


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