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HARKEN triple pulley 29mm Carbo 345

HARKEN triple pulley 29mm Carbo 345

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Carbo 29 mm pulley Triple swivel becket
The compact 29mm Carbo pulleys have amazing strength.
Carbo Air low coefficient of friction pulleys are light, strong, reliable and affordable. A complementary range of pulleys to Harken's Black Magic, these small, compact pulleys have a very high workload to ensure safe and easy adjustment.

Carbo pulley triple becket 29 mm

Sheave Ø (mm) 29mm

Ø of sheave (in) 1 1/8in

Max rope Ø (mm) 8mm

Max rope Ø (in) 5/16in

Maximum working load (kg) 449kg

Maximum workload 990 lbs.


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Sheave Ø (mm) 29 mm
Sheave Ø (in) 1 1/8 in
Length (mm) 85mm
Length (in) 3 3/8 in
Weight (g) 77g
Weight (oz) 2.7oz
Max rope Ø (mm) 8 mm
Max rope Ø (in) 5/16 in
Maximum working load (kg) 449 kg
Maximum working load 990 lbs.
Breaking load (lbs) 2000 lbs
Breaking load (kg) 907 kg
Pin Ø (mm) 5 mm
Pin Ø (in) 3/16 in


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