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HARKEN violin pulley 57mm Carbo 2624

HARKEN violin pulley 57mm Carbo 2624

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Carbo 57 mm fiddle block with swivel, becket and Cam-Matic ® 150 stopper.
Carbo AirBlocks® pulleys are 60% stronger and 30% lighter than our classic pulleys.
The resin-Nylon composite cheeks are reinforced with long glass fibers allowing the realization of a compact pulley with a high strength-to-weight ratio.
Ball bearings, sheaves and cheeks are carbon black treated for superior UV resistance.
The blocks are fitted with Cam-Lock or U-Lock locking systems to lock the shackle parallel or perpendicular to the sheave or allow it to pivot freely to prevent twisting of the rope.

The high strength 57mm Carbo range benefits from a wide range of applications.
Usable for mainsail and jib sheets on dinghies and keelboats such as Lightning, Dragon, Soling, J/24 and for sheet tackles
mainsail on catamarans.

Use for:
Mainsheet and jib sheets
Mainsheet fine tuning
Tuning bumps
Restraint hoists

Sheave Ø: 57 mm
Length: 175mm
Weight with shackle: 295 gr
Shackle Ø: 5 mm
Max rope Ø: 10 mm
Max working load: 359 kg
Breaking load: 1079 kg


Further information


Sheave Ø (mm) 57 mm
Ø of sheave (in) 2 1/4 in
Length (mm) 175mm
Length (in) 6 7/8 in
Weight (g) 295g
Weight (oz) 10.4oz
Max rope Ø (mm) 10 mm
Max rope Ø (in) 3/8 in
Maximum working load (kg) 359 kg
Maximum Working Load 792 lbs
Breaking load (lbs) 2380 lbs
Breaking load (kg) 1080 kg
Pin Ø (mm) 5 mm
Pin Ø (in) 3/16 in


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