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Carbon Repair Kit

Carbon Repair Kit

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THE carbon kayak repair kit was designed specifically for the repair of carbon fiber kayaks .
The epoxy system and carbon fiber included in the repair kit have been carefully selected to ensure high performance fiber reinforcement.

The kit can be used to make one or more repairs.

The advice available on our blog will allow you to make a carbon repair in good conditions.

The kit is intended for professionals and the use of personal protective equipment is mandatory .

This kit contains:

- Taffeta carbon band
- Kevlar tape
- Epoxy system: Resin + Hardener
- 2 mixing pots
- 2 brushes
- 2 mixing sticks
- 2 pairs of high resistance nitrile gloves
- 1 x 80 grit sandpaper
- 1 grit sandpaper 400
- 1 water-based 800 grit sandpaper

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