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Dragon Marine

OPTIMIST Red Dragon regatta hull

OPTIMIST Red Dragon regatta hull

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The ultimate racing machine.

The Optimist Gold Dragon hull is the top-of-the-range regatta model, meeting IODA standards.

This case, as effective as it is fun, is a great success in all the championships!
The racing machine.

The Optimist Red Dragon hull has the same characteristics as the Gold Dragon, but does not take advantage of the biradial technique.

This case, as effective as it is fun, is a great success!

It is a very rigid shell, meeting IODA standards.

This kit includes:
- the Red Dragon case
- padded abseiling straps
- three IOD-approved floating bladders
- 4 daggerboard protections
- bungee cord for the daggerboard well
- non-slip
- IOD gauge certificate

- length 230cm
- width 113cm
- hull height 40cm
- weight: 35Kg

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- Optimist

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