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Optimist sailing North R-2 radial

Optimist sailing North R-2 radial

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The new American designed D-zero-6 is a true all-purpose cross-cut sail developed through extensive on-the-water testing with Christopher and Duncan Williford.


Optimist R2 Radial Mainsail
Sailor's weight 33-41 kg

Price upon request.

The R2 powered the winner of the 2017 Worlds Girls Division! Designed by the North Sails dingy experts in Japan, the R Series delivers unparalleled pointing and acceleration capabilities throughout a wide range of conditions.

A radial sail is more "rigid" than a conventional cross cut sail. The sail holds its shape and responds more sensitively to trimming and tuning changes....

Mainsail standard features:
Contender 2.99 Polykote with Radial construction
Mylar Window
Active Leech
IODA Button
Sail Bag
Sail Number
Class measurement/certificate is not included but can be offered on request subject to an additional charge


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