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Poulie ouvrante Allen 30mm A4475

Poulie ouvrante Allen 30mm A4475

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Poulie ouvrante 30mm à billes.

Utilisable en Open 5.00 et Finn pour l'écoute de spi, autorisé par la jauge.



30mm Snatch Block Without Keeper Mechanism

A snatch block is a type of pulley commonly used to redirect the path of a line or increase the purchase system. It’s designed to be easily attached to a line without having to reeve (thread) the line through the pulley. This is achieved with the opening side cheeks.

Snatch blocks are super versatile and easy to use. Making them a great addition to the tool kit so you can quickly and easily rig up a new system without having to re-thread lines.

Dynamic Bearings – Twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel rail. This provides a superior load-carrying ability and longevity when compared to other bearing systems which run on a plastic rail.

NO Keeper – The snatch block does not have a keeper mechanism for the side cheek. The side cheek is held in place with friction from the central axle but can be opened when underload by inserting a marlin spike or screwdriver to force it open.



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Further information


Nombre de réas 1
Longueur hors tout (mm) 53
Largeur hors tout (mm) 29
Diamètre réa (mm) 30
Epaisseur (mm) 24
Diam. cordage max. (mm) 6
Charge max. d'utilisation (kg) 140
Charge de rupture (kg) 350
Poids (g) 31
Réf. Allen A4475


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