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RS Sailing

RS-AERO dinghy version 5

RS-AERO dinghy version 5

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The new RS Aero is the result of three years of technical and design development by the RS sailing shipyard and architect Jo Richards. Several tests have been carried out on different types of hulls and rigs. The RS Aero is “The” new single-handed dinghy with a successful and safe design…

Light but not extreme, this single-handed dinghy will finally offer the opportunity to all sailors to have fun on the water without constraint.

The strengths of the RS Aero:

- ultra-light, (hull 30 kg, 45 kg complete... barely more than the Optimist!): a single person can handle the boat, to lift it onto a car roof rack, take it to the beach and rig it .

- Great sensitivity: like a windsurfer, the helmsman is one with the boat, which responds to the finger and the eye at the slightest request. Something to have fun in all wind conditions, and whatever the state of the sea. Pure gliding!

- Amazing ease to sail: compared to the Laser, the RS Aero is easier in many ways because the boat accelerates and responds immediately.
- Careful construction: the hull in epoxy sandwich with carbon reinforcements (carbon mast/boom – rudder/polyester centreboard) and very simple shape allows great ease of manufacture, light weight and an attractive price.

Several sizes of mainsail (5.2/7.4/8.9m²) are available so that the RS Aero is "The" family dinghy par excellence: from toddlers in sailing school, to teenagers adept at sliding , to fine sailing parents, everyone will find what they are looking for on board the latest addition from RS Sailing!

Length 4m
Width 1.45m
Weight ready to sail 45 kg
Mainsail 5.2m²

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Price shown is EXW to GB-Romsey.

RS Aero - hull
A length of 4 meters, after numerous tests, has proven to be a good compromise to accommodate helmsmen of all sizes on board. The first advantage is to facilitate the handling of the boat, in particular the launches. The width of 1.4 m allows the hull to be transported on the roof of a car.

We have always thought that the chines, apart from chasing the spray, give great stability downwind.

Fine bow, aft bearing...
The Aero has a thin bow to improve upwind performance. The flat tail allows beautiful glides downwind in the greatest stability.

The entire construction has been designed to save weight while maintaining maximum strength and rigidity. The idea was also to minimize the cost of production to offer an affordable boat in terms of price. The construction is epoxy sandwich with some carbon reinforcements.

Made in dacron with an area of ​​5.2m². Ideally suited for featherweights.

The daggerboard saves space in the cockpit. Adjustable in navigation according to the gaits (close, unbridled, downwind), it is equipped with markers to facilitate adjustment play.

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