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Spinlock SLPXR0810 8-10mm L 81mm

Spinlock SLPXR0810 8-10mm L 81mm

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Quick and precise adjustment for hand ends
Rotary action that ensures easy shock even under heavy loads
Fixing holes identical to traditional cleats for perfect interchangeability
Hard anodized aluminum cam and base
Ideal for high performance ropes (Vectran, Aramid...)
Available in small size for very small tip diameters
3 different shock settings
Ideal for live spinnaker halyard systems
Prevents accidental blocking.

Suitable for ropes from 8 to 10 mm L 81 mmm

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Longueur hors tout (mm) 81
Largeur hors tout (mm) 37
Hauteur hors-tout (mm) 51
Diam. cordage max. (mm) 10
Nombre de fixation 2
Diam. fixation (mm) 5
Entraxe fixation (mm) 57.5
Tête de vis Tête fraisée
Charge max. d'utilisation (kg) 200
Poids (g) 84


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