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Carbon-Epoxy bar stick 120cm

Carbon-Epoxy bar stick 120cm

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Tiller stick made of very light carbon fiber.
With a hanging surface along the tube.
Articulation with safety rope.
Length 120cm, diameter 25mm.

Suitable for:
- 445
- 470
- 485
- 490
- 505

- Europe
- Flying Dutchman
- Finn
- Coralle
- Marauder
-Open 5.00
- Open 5.70

- Pirate
- Ponant
- Topper
- Rascal
- Windy

Carbon epoxy stick, outside diameter 24 mm, fitted with a removable flexible joint, reinforced with one end.

Several lengths are available as standard.

Its 24 mm diameter gives it a very good grip, despite its smooth appearance, it has an excellent grip, which prevents the fingers from tensing up when sailing for a long time, and its flexible articulation of very good quality, with its end molded in the flexible part, its advantageous price, make it a reference stick.

We are manufacturers: we can make sticks to your specific lengths.

  • 1.2M
  • 1.5M
  • 2M

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