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TAZ Race, sails 5.39m² mylar

TAZ Race, sails 5.39m² mylar

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The TAZ Race dinghy from the English manufacturer Topper is the ideal boat for beginners looking to learn the pleasures of sailing on a safe boat.

Interesting for children and adults.
It is sailed either with a single sail or with mainsail and jib.
The hull is large and stable enough to accommodate a variable crew:
- two children,
- one child and one adult together
- or alone.

The TRILAM shell is easy to maintain and robust.

- length 295cm
- width 120cm
- weight of the shell alone: ​​40Kg

The rigging:
- GV of 4.39 m² in mylar,
- 1 m² dacron jib,
- Two-piece mast,
- Aluminum boom.

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