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Topper MAGNO Club

Topper MAGNO Club

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The MAGNO dinghy from the English manufacturer Topper is the versatile boat for families looking for the pleasures of sailing on a safe boat.

This version is aimed at beginners and professionals.

Interesting for the whole family.
It is sailed either with a single sail, with mainsail and jib, or by adding the spinnaker.
The hull is very wide and stable. It accommodates a variable crew, from one to four people:
- two children and two adults,
- a child and an adult,
- solo,
- ... .

The TRILAM shell is easy to maintain and robust.

- length 394cm
- width 156cm
- weight of the hull alone: ​​89Kg

The rigging:
- Mainsail of 8.12 m² in dacron, with reefing and floating body at the head point,
- 2.30 m² jib, furling,
- Spinnaker of 10.58 m²,
- One-piece aluminum mast,
- Aluminum boom,
- Optional trapeze.

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