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Voiles et Voiliers

All maneuvers of your sailboat

All maneuvers of your sailboat

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Francois Knight

What is a nice maneuver? Simply a successful maneuver!


Francois Knight

What is a nice maneuver? Simply a successful maneuver! Easy to say but not so simple in reality when wind, current and chop are not in tune. Aren't we talking about an art of maneuvering - an art that presupposes a perfect understanding of the forces that govern the balance of the sailboat. It is from this angle that François Chevalier, naval architect and navigator, has chosen to show us everything you need to know about the handling of a boat, to navigate independently and in safety. At the end of a long trip at sea supported by more than 300 clear and precise illustrations, you will know everything about sending the asymmetrical spinnaker, reefing, engine changes, recovering a man overboard, gybing, or even mooring or anchoring... In total, more than 50 essential maneuvers, broken down and presented step by step... and dozens of tips and tricks to progress. After reading this book, you will no longer be able to believe that beautiful maneuvers are reserved for sailors only!
Readers of Voiles et Voiliers know François Chevalier well for the quality of his drawings, maps and illustrations. A naval architect by training, he is also the author of several reference works on the America's Cup and the history of yachting. But it is certainly in its navigations - from the 5O5 to the race-cruiser sailboats - and in
the knowledge of modern yachting, which he drew on the most to make this work both easy to access and technical enough to give everyone the desire to progress.
1. Preparation
Understand your sailboat - Check the deck plan - Hoist the mainsail - Hoist the genoa

2. Motoring off
Fundamentals of maneuvering under power - Leaving the quay - Leaving the quay, Mediterranean variant

3. On the way
Gaits and maneuvers - Raising the mainsail - Unfurling the genoa - Balancing the boat - Tacking - Tacking: the trajectories - Balance downwind - Gybing under the genoa

4. Under spinnaker
To hoist the spinnaker - The stability of the course under spinnaker - Luffing and surging departures - Coconut trees and company - To gybe under spinnaker - To lower the spinnaker - To hoist the asymmetric spinnaker - To sail under asymmetric spinnaker - To jibe under asymmetric spinnaker - To lower the spinnaker asymmetric

5. Wetting
Anchoring - Beaching - Leaving an anchorage - Getting aground

6. Heavy weather breaker
Preparing for heavy weather - Reefing - Reducing by furling - Sending a breeze sail - Doing the big back: the cape - Recovering a man overboard - Retrieving the shipwrecked person

7. Return to port
Lowering, towing - Mooring under motor - Arriving in port under sail - Mooring upside down under sail - Getting your sailboat out of the water p. 88-89

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