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Minn Kota

Traxxis 45 lbs max. 504 watts

Traxxis 45 lbs max. 504 watts

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A prestigious brand, Minn Kota electric motors are robust, innovative and reliable.
Minn Kota: the only rational choice! World number 1 outboard engine. For boats of +- 1100 kg.
Traxxis 40 lbs Maximizer 12V
Rear mounted fresh water engine.
License free, adaptable to all boats, sold with battery connection cable.
Screw clamp transom bracket.
By regulating the revolutions per minute according to the speed chosen, the Maximizer system prevents the engine from running at high revs, even at low or medium travel speeds. Hence a significant gain in power consumption thus offering more autonomy.
One Hand Stow system allowing the motor to be lowered or raised with one hand.
Simple, robust, perfectly suited to the needs of fishermen who want a quiet motor to approach prey.
Shaft in flexible composite material, robust, protected from rust, 3 times stronger than steel and flexible in the face of an obstacle.
Tilting, lifting shaft.
Cool quiet power system dissipates heat and generates less noise.
Original power prop propeller.
Control bar: tilting handle on 20° to be able to fish seated or standing.
Telescopic, it extends by 54 cm for more maneuverability with 5 intermediate positions.
Power: 40 lbs
Thrust: 18.14 Kp / 40 lbs / 17.79 daN
Speeds: maximize
12 volt
91cm tree
manually adjustable speed
With battery charge status indicator
For boats of +- 1100 kg.

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