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YachtCare reinforced epoxy 2kg

YachtCare reinforced epoxy 2kg

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EPOXY FIBER FILLER is a very effective two-component epoxy putty, filled with fiberglass and fast drying. This multi-phase filler is characterized by its high water resistance and good sandability. Thanks to the glass fibers it contains, EPOXY FIBER FILLER can be applied at a thickness of up to 3 cm in one coat without shrinkage. This fiberglass putty hardens to a thin, dry surface.
Application domain
EPOXY FIBER FILLER is a composite material particularly suitable for filling deep irregularities and bonding polyester or carbon laminates, steel, aluminum and hardwood.
Used in all areas requiring high resistance to mechanical stress and water. Tension and elongation forces are better absorbed thanks to the special fibers and transmitted evenly.
Polyester laminates and steel and aluminum substrates must be prepared with a two-component epoxy primer such as HEMPEL LIGHT PRIMER.
Color: light blue
Layer thickness: max. 3cm
Mixing ratio: 2:1
Pot life: approx. 30 minutes at 20°C

Content 2 kilograms.

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