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YachtCare polyester Azur 1 kg + hardener

YachtCare polyester Azur 1 kg + hardener

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Laminating resin based on orthophthalic acid for parts subject to bad weather and cold water.

YC ORTHO LAMINATING RESIN is pre-accelerated. For its implementation, it is generally mixed with 1 - 3% of PMEC (delivered with). Glass mats and fabrics saturated with YC ORTHO LAMINATING RESIN are bubbled using a metal roller. Parts and coverings made of YC ORTHO LAMINATING RESIN must be covered with YC POLYESTER VARNISH or polyester mastic in order to obtain a non-sticky surface.
Application domain
YC ORTHO LAMINATING RESIN is reinforced with fiberglass for elements in the fields of boat building and repair, automobile construction, coating of basins, hoods etc.

Use the product YC PRIMAIRE D'ACCROCHAGE G4 for the preparation of wood, stone or metal substrates.
Consumption :
approx. 3 x the weight of glass mat used per m², i.e. 0.9 kg/m² for a 300 g mat
approx. 1 x the weight of glass fabric used per m² i.e. 0.4 kg for 400 g fabric.

Content 1 kg.

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